Jaime  And  The  Jammonites

Jammin' Junior®

We are Jammin' Junior sent here to help raise the consciousness of our children! To let them know that they have options about the foods they eat, the friends they hang out with, the way they feel about themselves, their planet and much much more! Our new Webisode called "Growin' Up Great"® is now live above and our You Tube Channel as well.

This is an introduction to our show and cast of crazy characters.

Our mission and DREAM is to educate, motivate and inspire children WorldWide!

Some Music For Ya!

  • Believe In Who U Really R0:00
  • Eddie And Integrity0:00
  • In My Garden0:00
  • Recycle Reduce Reuse0:00
  • Be A Good Friend0:00
  • Believe In You Strong0:00
  • Love One Another0:00
  • Don't Stop Never Give Up0:00
  • Growin' Up Great0:00

This is our Free

Web Series/Webisode called "Growin' Up Great"

* Healthier Food Choices *

* Self Esteem *

* Love *

* Friendships *

* Goin' Green *

And More ...


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