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What do you get when you combine 11 year old fraternal twins growing up in an orphanage on “Ave A” in N.Y.C. with a BIG DREAM and a quest, five loco animals from the Tonga Jungle, one LOUD Italian uncle “GG”, a magical tree that’s over 300 years old and ohh, let’s not forget about our cute little teeny tiny Aliens with their own agenda!



Jammin’ Junior & Jaime


Our Episodic Adventurous YouTube TV SHOW

“Comin’ Soon”

We are gearing up to bring your kiddos age 5+

our adventurous YouTube TV show. Get ready for great animation, fun characters and a non stop plot filled with adventures, music, clues, mayhem, mistakes, love, some magic and our cute little teeny tiny Alien friends!

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