GUG Tranzparent

What happens when you combine 2 best friends that can sing, 5 crazy animals that can JAM, a VERY LOUD Italian Plant Based chef, an Indian tree that’s over 300 years old “who’s not all there” and 1 kinda broken down still floating boat?

Jammin’ Junior-Jaime & The Jammonites are a band! Their a band of friends that travel the world on their never-ending musical tour. They help kiddos everywhere with issues like self esteem, bullying, healthy eating habits and much more. But it’s not without plenty of mistakes and some fun mayhem along the way!

Welcome to our TV show “Growin’ Up Great”┬«

Join the band, become a “Jammonite” and follow them on their worldwide never ending musical tour, have a bunch of fun and learn about U!


Episode One-Meet The Jammonites

Special Guest American Idol’s Megan Joy!!

Episode-Two Eddie & Integrity

All About Telling The Truth!

Episode Three-Carbon Footprint

All About Goin’ GREEN!

A Snippet of The Character Rock Show Musical


Book & Music


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