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Jammin’ Junior® and his best friend Jaime are in a band. Not just any band but “The Jammonites®” and they’re on a mission. Their mission is to help children navigate through the maze of an ever expanding, evolving society and the many culture questions that they need answers to.

From their broken down tour boat, Junior, Jaime, Eddie, Kammy, Ricky, Chaz, Shoshanna along with Gnesh and GG, they travel the world on their never-ending music tour with their “Character Rock Show” filled with fun and positive mayhem.

Through their music with influential celebrity cameos they answer questions and teach core values with things like self-esteem/self worth, bullying, boy & girl equality, friendships, safety, healthy eating options/habits, our planet and so many more awesome topics.

Our material is geared towards enlightening and edutaining our kids minds during their crucial stages of brain development. Our personal hope and goal as creators and parents is for our son and children everywhere to be entertained with/by quality role models.

We hope you join Jammin’ Junior, Jaime and the Jammonites® on their worldwide tour as they sing, inspire, educate, motivate and help to plant our next generation!

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