Jammin' Junior



SMART Brain  -  STRONG Body  -  KIND Heart

Come One, Come All . . .

Hop aboard the S.S. Jammonite and tour the world with the wildest rock band around. Along with Junior, Jaime, and the Jammonites, each week your child will jump from one adventure to the next. They will learn all about core values, healthier food choices, culture and aquire the character building blocks that will keep them. . .

Growin' Up Great®

GrowinUp  Great


As Junior, Jaime and the Jammonites set sail on their worldwide music tour on the S.S. Jammonite, they have a blast but also encounter their share of problems and obstacles that they must learn how to overcome together! From their touring steamboat painted with every color you could imagine up to the Tye Dye S.S. Jammonite flag flowing in the wind; there's lessons and adventures you don't want your kids to miss out on. Luckily they have everything they need on the boat including a few friends here and there when needed.

Growin' Up Great® is a brand new TV show with a sensational live show coming to preschool children between the ages of 2 and 5. With Junior and Jaime at the helm, they all make great music and have super crazy fun from the S.S. Jammonite ( Their Tour Boat ) and your kids will learn how to build a SMART Brain, a STRONG Body and a KIND HEART
TM which is why they formed the band in the first place! So stay tuned in, be captivated and watch as Jammin' Junior, Jaime and the Jammonites TAKE ON THE WORLD!!

What do you get when you combine two best friends that can sing to the heavens and five crazy animals that play instruments?
Meet the band... Jammin' Junior-Jaime and the Jammonites!!
They are extra-ordinary SUPER ROCK STARS that have made it to the top.

Everyone knows them, loves their music and remembers the band creedo;
SMART Brain - STRONG Body - KIND Heart