GUG Tranzparent

Two best friends growing up on Avenue A in N.Y.C., one boat, a bunch of crazy animals, one Italian plant based chef, one magical tree and a mysterious island with unbelievable adventures awaits you!

Jammin’ Junior-Jaime & The Jammonites are a family! Well, they’re really a band! Well, it sure didn’t start out that way.

Growin’ Up Great is our new animated TV show all about unbelievable adventures on a mysterious island that are… ummm…UNBELIEVABLE!

Our goal is to bring smart, quality material into your home and to help kiddos everywhere with issues like self-esteem, loneliness, bullying, healthy eating habits and much more. But it’s not without plenty of mistakes and some fun mayhem along the way!

Welcome to the show

“Growin’ Up Great”®


Episode One-Meet The Jammonites

Special Guest American Idol’s Megan Joy!!

Episode-Two Eddie & Integrity

All About Telling The Truth!

Episode Three-Carbon Footprint

All About Goin’ GREEN!

A Snippet of The Character Rock Show Musical


Book & Music


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