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Welcome to our TV Series "Growin' Up Great"

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Our show will highlight awesome family core values, healthy food choices/options and just how much fun Growin' Up Great can be! Below is our synopsis!

From inside of their old-dingy steamboat, Gnesh scans the globe (This covers geography) with his "almost perfected" super-fantastic powers! Once Gnesh finds a situation that needs the band's help, like someone being bullied, not eating healthy, or someone's self-esteem dropping fast, the boat comes alive with beautiful colors and contraptions. Junior and Jaime assemble the team and race to fix the problems. Sometimes the kids that needed the help actually wind up helping the band lol... who's really perfect right? Junior and Jaime usually stay behind to write a song about the issue at hand (This covers music education). Gnesh passes along info about their progress "to the best of his ability" and this helps Junior and Jaime write the lyrics. After the teams help the kids with their issue at hand, they return to the boat and they all gather at the dinner table to eat a healthy meal. (This covers healthy food choices and family). Gaspare Gagliardi (GG, for short), the Italian chef, discusses the meal (With his LOUD, PASSIONATE ITALIAN VOICE) and serves the band. During dinner, they all have fun eating together and talk about their adventure; how they helped the problem and what they've learned from helping others in need. (This covers altruism). After dinner, they all go to rehearsel and practice the song to play it live as their alter egos, super rock stars in demand, at some of the largest venues on earth! At some point during the rehearsal, the scene then morphs into a super exciting mega colorful show with fans going crazy. The viewer watching the live performance is captivated by the laser lights, the song, learns the lyrics, and walks away with a valuable life lesson learned. Each song recaps the day's issues, lessons and adventures.


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